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Where to Find the Best Houseplants Near Home to Brighten Up Your Space this Season - CityZen Commons Blog

Where to Find the Best Houseplants Near Home to Brighten Up Your Space this Season

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A house isn’t a home without plants! Do we have any #plantmoms in our community? The more houseplants the better if you ask us! 

When you live at CityZen, you’re surrounded by a plethora of nursery options — from local hubs to larger chains — that will help you add some greenery to your space and feel even more at home. The best part? With plenty of daylight and summer on its way, it’s the perfect time to stock up and bring in some new life!


 Kent East Hill Nursery

Source: @kenteasthillnursery on IG


If you’re looking to shop local, Kent East Hill Nursery is a great place to start. This family-owned nursery is just a 5-minute drive from our community and one of our favorite neighborhood spots! If you want to up your shopping trip, you can snag a piece or two of stunning pottery that they offer at their store, a hanging basket and maybe even some crystals. Enjoy this one-stop-shop for all your houseplant (and apartment aesthetic) needs! 


Zenith Holland Gardens

Source: Zenith Holland website


Equal parts enchanting and spacious, Zenith Holland is another great local option for you to fulfill all of your houseplant dreams. We aren’t kidding when we say spacious — this nursery has 11 greenhouses! Founded in 1907, they’re a trusted source for all things plants, herbs and seeds. They even grow their own annuals! It’s a little further out at 19 minutes from home, but it’s worth the drive. 

If you love educational opportunities and meeting new people, check out their Hummingbird Gardens class on June 26th! They’ll be spacing out seating to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Don’t forget your mask and be sure to RSVP by phone ahead of time! 


Home Depot Garden Center

Source: @homedepot on Instagram


If you don’t necessarily need a local feel and want to grab a large plant haul, we recommend checking out our local Home Depot! This big box store is great for getting a little bit more for your money and providing a large variety of options. They also have tons of plain pots if you’d like to try your hand at painting them yourself! Another perk? Home Depot is just three minutes away from your CityZen apartment! 

While they seem to be on hold for now, this store can also be a great resource for free workshops on all things houseplant! 


We’d love to know where you go to grab your succulents, hanging plants, small trees and more. Leave us a comment to tell us all about your favorite local nursery!

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